Thursday, October 10, 2013

Meyer and McGuire Present Eva and the Dog Boys


Next Thursday, 10/17, Eva and the Dog Boys will be our performers at the “Singer/Songwriters in the Side Room” concert. The group, John (mandoboy, mandolin) Denniston, Tom (TBone, guitar) Farley, and Elaine (Eva, bass) Verstraete, will deliver a high energy show of acoustic and bluegrass music with attitude! When I listen to this group, the bits of my retinas that are still attached dance around wildly like little blue crystals! Eva has gotten the boys to agree to do their original tunes, and I am sure you will enjoy them even more than their outstanding covers.

If you haven’t heard these guys, here is a link to a video of them doing “Hard hearted” at the Smith Opera House
Hard Hearted

Hope you can join us on October 17!

The concert takes place on the third Thursday of every month in the side room of Buffalo Bill’s Family Restaurant and Taproom, 19 Main Street, Shortsville, NY. The show runs from 7 to 9 PM. The concert is free; however, we compensate the performers with whatever donations we can gather from the audience. To learn more about Buffalo Bill’s, check out their site right here:
Buffalo Bill's

Rumor has it that one of the local wineries will offer a wine tasting in the main dining area during this show. Call Buffalo Bill’s for more details.

Lisa Bigwood was our guests in September. To give you a feel of the setting of these concerts, here is a video of Lisa doing one of her songs, “The Ballad of Charlie Asher.” (Please excuse any noise coming from the kitchen. Sometimes things can get a little hectic back there.)

The Ballad of Charlie Asher

If you would like to see videos of the other performers who have taken the stage at “Singer/Songwriters in the Side Room” concerts, check out this link (It’s a new link; our YouTube account was upgraded.):

Videos of Performers

Hope you can join us on October 17!
All the best,

Siobhan and Frank

PS: Please forward this message to anyone who might enjoy this venue. Thank you. Also, here is a list of upcoming performers:

2013 Schedule:

Leslie Lee and Steve Gretz, November 21
Ian Mitchell Boni and Ron Boni, December 19

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