Thursday, February 13, 2014

Meyer and McGuire Present Maria Gillard, Perry Cleaveland, and Elaine Verstraete in the Side room at Buffalo Bill's


This blog started out giving you posts of the songwriter’s notes, lyrics, and music for my original songs. As with many things, it has gone in new directions. So, if you just started reading my post and are interested in my original material, here is a link to my songwriter’s notes, lyrics, and music.
Frank’s Songwriter’s Notes, Lyrics, and Music

On Thursday, 2/20, Maria Gillard will open Season Three of the “Singer/Songwriters in the Side Room” concert series. Siobhan and I first met Maria in 1981, and the three of us just connected immediately. We often go through long stretches of time without seeing Maria, but when we see her, we pick up like it was yesterday. She is a natural on stage, and her genuine, sincere nature draws you to her. Her terrific personality is only enhanced when she picks up her guitar, and with her awesome voice, she delivers songs that head straight for the heart. For this show, Maria will have her trio with her, Perry Cleaveland (mandolin, fiddle, and vocals) and Elaine Verstraete (bass and vocals). Perry and Elaine, like Maria, are down-to-earth people who really know how to have fun with an audience. If you have the time, check out these videos of Maria doing some of her original material.

"It Used to Be Darker"
"Steady Woman"
"Must Be I’m in Love"
"Imagine My Surprise"

Now, if you want to know more about Maria and her interesting, creative endeavors, here is a link to her web site. Hope you can join us for the show!

To celebrate the beginning of Season Three of this concert series, Siobhan will have a commemorative CD available of the songwriters who performed in the side room during Season Two. The requested donation for the CD is $10, and the proceeds go to the performers who are playing on the night of the donation. The songwriters on the Season Two CD are as follows: Maria Gillard, Connie Deming, Steve Piper, John Dady, Joe LaMay and Sherri Reece, Jeff Riales, Sean Middlebrook, Pat Maloney, Lisa Bigwood, Eva and the Dog Boys, Leslie Lee and Steve Gretz, Ian, Ron, and Lyle Boni, and Perry Cleaveland and Paul Swiatek. So, keep this in mind. A $10 donation gets you this great CD, and a $20 donation gets you CDs from Season One and Two. (We are still burning CDs from Season One, and we’ll keep burning them as long as you keep buying them!)

The concert takes place on the third Thursday of every month in the side room of Buffalo Bill’s Family Restaurant and Taproom, 19 Main Street, Shortsville, NY. The show runs from 7 to 9 PM. The concert is free; however, we compensate the performers with whatever donations we can gather from the audience. To learn more about Buffalo Bill’s, check out their site right here:
Buffalo Bill’s Family Restaurant and Taproom

Perry Cleaveland and Paul Swiatek were our guests in January. To give you a feel of the setting of these concerts, here is a video of the duo doing one of Paul’s instrumental songs, “Sell the Banjo Dad.”
"Sell the Banjo Dad"

If you would like to see videos of the other performers who have taken the stage at “Singer/Songwriters in the Side Room” concerts, check out this link:
Videos of Performers in the Side Room

Hope you can join us on February 20!
All the best,

Siobhan and Frank

Upcoming Shows:

Jim Clare and Perry Cleaveland, Mar. 20
Scott Regan, Apr. 17
John Dady, May 15
Bonnie Abrams and Allen Hopkins, Jun. 19
Jed Curran, Jul. 17
Steve Piper, Aug. 21
Marc Black, Sept. 18
Rick Hoyt and Cool Club, Oct. 16
Connie Deming, Nov. 20
Eva and the Dog Boys, Dec. 18
Jeff Riales, Jan. 15

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