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This blog started out giving you posts of the songwriter’s notes, lyrics, and music for my original songs. As with many things, it has gone in new directions. So, if you just started reading my post and are interested in my original material, here is a link to "Your Local Star," one of my original songs. You can read about the song’s history, review the lyrics, and listen to the song. If you want to add the song to your playlist, you can download it at Amazon or iTunes.

On Thursday, 12/18, Eva and the Dog Boys will be our performers in the “Side room” at Buffalo Bill’s. This engaging trio, known for delivering its bluegrass music with attitude, will focus on its original material for this show. Regarding the band members, here’s what I found on their web site:
“John (MandoBoy) Denniston - Mandolin and Tenor/Lead Vocals JD can’t hide anymore - he’s developed into one of the Northeast’s top mandolin players. As a lifelong resident of Palmyra, he and his patient wife, Maureen, have three children. Steeped in the classic Bill Monroe mandolin-playing tradition, John has developed into a serious musical performer. “MandoBoy” has also greatly extended his vocal range to become a key lead and tenor voice. He has been a part of Seneca County Bluegrass, Lisa Bigwood and The Washday Band, and Cabin Fever.

Tom (TBone) Farley – Guitar virtuoso and sometimes old time banjo picker brings a thoughtful appreciation for all kinds of acoustic music and usually is pivotal in the instrumental arranging of the new songs. As a guitarist and frequent lead vocalist (he also sings baritone), “Bone” owns our single microphone so we’re extra special nice to him. His playing experience includes Lisa Bigwood and The Washday Band, Cuttin’ the Grass, The New Aliens, and many revisits of The Dugway Dirt Band.
TBone is married to the lovely Suzanne and they have a beautiful daughter, daughter in-law, grandson, Alex - and new grandson, Lance.

Elaine (Eva) Verstraete Bassist and lead/tenor vocalist is a fast study. Elaine is in real life a respected illustrator and university faculty member, who draws from a wide-ranging musical background. She has a restless desire to sing almost anything and has drawn heavily from her strong family musical history. Known for her photogenic Germanic face, her athletic figure, and survivalist instincts, she leads by example. Eva draws from a wonderful musical experience with Lisa Bigwood and The Washday Band and is currently one half of regional recording artists , birds-on-a-wire, with her close friend, Brooke Pevear.”

Here is a video of Eva and the Dog Boys doing one of TBone’s songs, “Behind the Soccer Ball.”
Here is a video of Eva and the Dog Boys doing one of TBone’s songs, “Belinno and Carnes.”
To learn more about Eva and the Dog Boys, click here. Hope you can join us for the show!

The concert is free, but we do ask for donations to support our performers. Siobhan has created two CDs, one for each of our two seasons. Each CD contains songs of the performers who appeared during that season. The requested donation for each CD is $10, and the proceeds go to the performers who are playing on the night of the donation. The CDs have gotten good reviews, and we hope they get passed around to let others know about the great talent we have appearing at this venue.

The concerts take place on the first and third Thursdays of each month in the side room of Buffalo Bill’s Family Restaurant and Taproom (19 Main Street, Shortsville, NY). The show runs from 7 to 9 PM. To learn more about Buffalo Bill’s, check out their site right here:
Buffalo Bill’s Family Restaurant and Taproom

Kerry Regan was our guests on December 4. To give you a feel of the setting of these concerts, here is a video of Kerry doing one of his songs, "Maybe This’ll Be the One."

If you would like to see videos of the other performers who have taken the stage at “Singer/Songwriters in the Side Room” concerts, check out this link:
Videos of Performers in the Side Room

Hope you can join us on Dec. 18!
All the best,

Siobhan and Frank

Upcoming Shows:

Jeff Riales, January 15
Wendy Sassafras Ramsay and Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers, February 5
The Maria Gillard Trio, February 19
Leslie Lee and Steve Gretz, March 5
Brian Ayers, March 19
Stid Hill Stompers (Jack Jones, Kendall Paul Wilt, and Fran Cary), April 2
Lisa Bigwood, April 16
Scott Regan, May 7
Paul Swiatek and Perry Cleaveland, May 21
Connie Deming, June 4
Jim Clare, Taylor Pie, and Perry Cleaveland, June 18
Bonnie Abrams and Allen Hopkins, July 16
Eddie Lee, August 6
Steve Piper, August 20
Mike Yacci, September 3
Joe LaMay and Sherri Reese, September 17
Tom Whitmore of Watkins and the Rapiers, October 1
Rick Hoyt and Cool Club, October 15
The Cadleys, November 5
John Dady, November 19
Kerry Regan, December 3

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