Friday, July 14, 2017


Sometimes the stars align, and magic occurs with music. Back in the 1980s, I played music at Gilhooley’s, a bar in East Rochester. Dan McManus, a class act when it comes to bar owners, was the owner, and Siobhan and I often reminisce about the great times we had working for Dan.

Well, yesterday, when we went to set up our equipment at The Timber Creek for our monthly happy hour, Dan and Al, Dan’s long-time side kick, were sitting at the bar. We hadn’t seen Dan in years, and it seemed like yesterday when we started talking. Dan and Al called their wives and several friends, and soon a group descended on The Timber Creek for our happy hour. From the first song, we engaged in a sing-along of some of the old favorites from the Gilhooley days, and the magic in the air brought me to that great high that music often brings. Music is just like fishing. Most of the time, you catch a lot of sunfish, but every once in awhile, a big lake trout comes along, and it’s a blast reeling it in.

Thanks to Dan, Bonnie, Al, Linda, and their friends for making this Timber Creek happy hour a memorable one. Thanks to Susie and Hillbilly for giving us this neat little spot to play our music. Thanks to Jill for taking good care of our friends who came to the Timber Creek. Thanks for supporting our music and hope you all have a great weekend!

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